Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I Wish I Could Draw

Found this beautiful work by Robbie Porter. His website has a massive collection of his designs and illustrations. He does a lot of 'play on words' pieces that i'm loving. I'm not normally a big fan of illustrations, I appreciate them for what they are but don't normally love them. These I love. Very simple but that pleases me. If I had the money I would definitely buy some. But then again that could be said for most of the things I see on the internet.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


I've been saying for a while I am going to start a blog but never got round to it. Well now I have. And it seems I have a good post to start with. After visiting the Dr. Me 'An Apple A Day' opening night at Common (and taking full advantage of the free gin) I then walked back past the little substation on Tib St. and thought nothing of the construction work going on. It wasn't until I spotted Alex and Scanners paying it extra attention that I noticed what it was. Apparently, a day or two earlier, what is thought to be a genuine Banksy mural was uncovered by workers clearing foliage from the wall. I was quite excited to spot it as I am a fan of Banksys work and its quite an event when you see a piece of work like this, especially in your own town. I used to walk past one of his murals nearly every day when I was at college until finally the weather (and I expect the council) washed it away. I also searched out one of the more famous ones when I was in Bristol earlier on this year (see) but it's quite exciting for me to have another one found in Manchester.

In the words of Rainier Wolfcastle...